Monday, 26 August 2013

New Album Timeline



Dizu and producer Patrick Lee-Thorp got together in Milestone Studios in Cape Town for the first sessions that hopefully will result in a new album. First up was Allou April on his hollow bodied electric guitar picking out some catchy african riffs.

Allou and Patrick 


Then Derek Gripper on  acoustic guitar with Dizu on Umhube and Uhadi. Derek has some experience of the Umhube when he worked with Madosini. Very interesting stuff.

Derek and Dizu and Murray

Derek back again to work on a Uhadi song.

Later in the day members of the Ibuyambo Ensemble came to the studio to work on Ugandan harp song. Worked out well.


Thabisa Dinga in for vocal ODs and a shot at a solo vocal. That really happened.



With Sueno en la Fabrica - Didier Boyat and Alexandra Santander in the studio in France. Two great songs almost finished.

In April 2014 we were back in the studio in Cape Town to do two tracks with the Maskani guitar of Ntombithongo from the Ibuyambo group.

Then again in July 2014 with the french jazz musicians  - L'Arbre Canapas

14/10/2014 -
In the studio PLT at Monochrome Studios, Hamburg, first mixes of Bantu Biko and Mandela Africa.

13/01/2015 -
More studio dates with Alex Henke at Monochrome. Have mixes of Nkomo, Langa Hola, Phalisa, Ithemba.

2/6/2015 -
In the studio in February, March, April. Finally the last mix, Mandela Africa, at Monochrome. Some great mixes by Alex Henke over the last few months. Now we head for Tim Lengfeld to mastering.

24/7/2015 -
Received the final music master from mastering engineer, Tim Lengfeld today. The sleeve designs are done and have been sent for checking to the printers.

Here a peep at the new album sleeve -

October 2015 -
Album is out. First digital downloads then physical in South Africa this month, with releases in Germany scheduled for November, France December and Benelux in December.


All photos - (c) Songwrights Publishers

Sunday, 4 August 2013

World Music Festival - Success in Summer

This summer there were two main gigs - and pretty important ones at that. Borneo and UK. A wonderful reaction in both places. Both concerts and workshops were very well received. Thank you to the organisers !

See the links below to Rainforest World Music Festival -

CLICK >>> Jungle Dance

CLICK >>> Dance in Akadinda Song

CLICK >>>Workshop

Thanks to Andrew Cronshaw.


CLICK >>>> Intro Dizu

CLICK >>>> Warming up

Pic thanks to Graham Boynton (c) Graham Boynton 2013